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The History of Punkin Chuckin Morton

Morton Punkin Chuckin Contest was held October 15 & 16, 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out to Punkin Chuckin 2016. Thanks to our great teams for their skill and hard work. Here are the results:

Saturday Youth 2 The It Team from Riverton, IL won 1st place in Youth 2 with a shot of 30 ft. The Tremont High School team, “The Guillotine” took 2nd place in Youth 2 with a shot of 28.5 ft., Chuck A Duck from Indiana took 2nd place in the Adult Human Power with a shot 582ft. which was their personal best.

Farfunflinger from Indiana took 1st Place in Adult Human Power with a shot 678ft. and The Acme Catapult Company Took 1st place in Catapults with a shot of 1,935 ft and was the Overall Winner of the contest and will be added to the traveling trophy.

After 20 years of Punkin Chuckin, the Morton Toruism Association is retiing the event. Many changes have led to this decision. The State of Illinois Fire Marshall has ruled that all machines that fire in public must have "certified" welds, which means reworking all of the machines that participate in our and other midwestern events. The machine owners are not to eager to spend approximatley $10,000 per machine to do this, since it is just for fun.

It has become more dificult through the years to get schools involved because of thier limited budgets, so the number of youth teams has deminised greatly. We hate to see our event go away, but sometimes you have to make very difficult decisions based on hard facts.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our event through out the years. It was a BLAST!!!

If you have any questions, you can call us at 309-266-5135

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